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AbleNet are IT Outsourcing for your business. Help IT partner to success the project on time and meet customer’s requirement. Also achieve cost reduction and enhancement of IT governance by outsourcing your complicated IT operation. We offer consultant and maintenance service for partner and customer on the professional.

We can help you inject more agility and flexibility into your business model by delivering IT outsourcing services that encompass the Network Infrastructure, Mobility, Security, Datacenter and Collaboration. We have extensive technical expertise across five advanced technology and offer wide geographical coverage around Thailand and South East Asia.

We’re uniquely positioned to create a cost-effective, reliable IT infrastructure through the following:

  • Deep Skills and Experience : We’ve been involved in this pursuit for over 15 years and have certified by Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, APC and etc.
  • Professional Reach : We have service center, offering 8x5xNBD service whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Vendor Relationship : We have strong and longstanding relationships with many Vendors, we can help you for Presale/Postsale and also open the case for troubleshooting when you face the issue.
  • Business Focus : We work closely with our clients to deliver services. We offer the IT administrator training after implementing and have network management tool for them.

Here is our certification from vendor.

ccda2 ccna-rs ccnavoice cisco-ccnp-rs  

Our mission is to help IT teams control and manage the Systems efficiently. AbleNet makes IT infrastructure with an enterprise vendor as following